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Kaare Harry Kjerrumgaard is one of the country's most experienced lecturers & consultants in the experience industry

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Bed & Breakfast, Boutique Hotel, Inn, Hostel, Hotel, Hotel Chain, Restaurant, Conference Centre, Café, Zoo, Museum, Music Festival, Castle & Manor, casino, House, Tourist Agency, Office Hotel, Stadium, Holiday Rentals, Amusement Park... 

Courses and consultancy services are offered in cooperation with HORESTA - association for the hotel, restaurant & tourism industry in Denmark



Revenue Management

Profit Optimization

Product Development



Optimization of the revenue per available room, meeting space and restaurant seat 


Get the optimization potential detected

How to insure selling the right product for the right price, at the right time, to the right customer, vi the right sales channel


Online Visibility


Software Implementation



More direct bookings with increased exposure on the internet


Uncover and optimize your company's online visibility


How to ensure optimum online exposure

Setting up and implementation of  software systems


Operational Optimization

Housekeeping & Cleaning

Front Desk & Reservations



Systematization of workflows in daily operations

Get a task and requirement specification and save time and money on housekeeping

How to ensure optimal communication, contact and information to and from the guest